Author: Dan Rogerson

As the founder of Charge Nutrition, Dan is a Flexible Dieting coach who coaches clients to utlilize macros (specific daily amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fat) in order to drive their goals—from weight loss, to strength and training performance. An avid practitioner of tracking macros, Dan has experienced a much better lifestyle because of them. He credits the benefits of macros with his increased sporting performance, namely in the CrossFit environment. Dan's objective is to get his message out from his home in Manchester, UK to as many individuals as possible about how flexible dieting can better health, improve performance, drive body composition goals, and increase natural energy. He has a huge passion for food culture, coffee, and holds a firm hatred for alcohol. Dan coaches a solid base of clients on macro nutrition, all while being mentored by a world-class thought leader in this industry, Jason Phlilips—the person to whom Dan dedicates his current progress and education. Dan is currently documenting the growth of his business on all social media avenues.

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