Author: David Osorio

David Osorio comes to the CrossFit community with over ten years of coaching experience ranging from physical therapy clinics to competitive speed schools. David holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and is a Level 1 certified CrossFit coach and a Certified Starting Strength Coach. David started CrossFit South Brooklyn in 2007 out of St. Mary's Playground in Carroll Gardens.Over the last five years, CFSBK has grown to a 500+ member affiliate with eleven coaches (eight full-time) located in a spacious 4,500 square-foot facility in Brooklyn, New York.David also has been working as Competition Director for the CrossFit North East Regional Qualifiers since 2009. David started a new blog called Inside the Affiliate in 2013, with the aim of sharing what he’s learned over the last six years running a CrossFit gym. In the spirit of CrossFit’s open source affiliate model, he discusses class management principles, continuing education programs, and the lessons he and his coaches have learned since starting their affiliate. The ultimate goal of the site is to promote strategies that help affiliates create professional, inclusive, and effective training experiences for their members.

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