Author: Dennis Madden

After realizing how important nutrition was for athletic and occupational performance while in the Navy, Dennis became a Registered Dietitian after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Medical Dietetics from Ohio State. After a few internships he learned that the end of this program was really the beginning of a long journey. He continued on to earn a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology and finally a PhD in Evidence-based Medical Physiology where he studied the impact of exercise on divers in extreme environments in Split, Croatia. Dennis enjoys a variety of activities and has competed in variety of events including ultra marathons and Ironman triathlons while training like a weightlifter in the gym. He enjoys reading, and when necessary, challenging the latest literature in nutrition and physiology, trying to find the balance between the cumulative wisdom of successful coaches, athletes and the latest research and believes there is no one perfect way to do anything. You can find more writing by Dennis at Another Damn Fitness Blog where he writes about nutrition, sports physiology, and the science of physical activity.

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