Author: Drew Dillon

Drew Dillon as an athlete, is a state record holder and so far has finished as high as fourth in the United States at Nationals as an 85kg lifter. As a weightlifting coach, Drew has studied along side Mark Cannella in teaching high-level Olympic weightlifting technique and also had the opportunity to assist in coachingHolley Mangoldto her first Olympics in London. From these experiences he has put together the 60 Day Lifting Challenge that has led dozens of athletes to add 20+kg to their total in sixty days. Drew has worked extensively with athletes in both the CrossFit world and the collegiate strength and conditioning world. His knowledge and skills around the lifts has made him highly sought after, and he has led a number of athletes from over a dozen countries through clinics held in Thailand. Read more from him at theColumbus Weightlifting website.

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