Author: Jack Wilson

Jack Wilson is a health and fitness writer, a lifestyle fitness instructor on Udem, and an ACE Certified personal trainer in Los Angeles, California. His specialties are foam rolling and self-myofascial release, fat loss, and nutrition consulting. Jack used to be more than forty pounds overweight. He was severely bullied and made fun of when he was younger and was miserable with the way he looked and felt. Growing up on heavy Southern cuisine in East Tennessee made it almost hopeless to lose weight. To make matters worse, his parents owned the local cookie stores, so sweets were always around the house. His weight loss journey began after losing seven pounds while in the hospital with bacterial pneumonia. He decided this was as good a start as any to lose weight. After eating healthy and working out changed his life forever, he truly believes that the path to good health should be an enjoyable lifestyle decision. Jack is an instructor on Udemy and is currently teaching two rapidly growing courses. His course How to Lose Fat and Keep it Off has become the second most popular health and fitness course on the site with over 7,100 students. His course How to Use a Foam Roller walks you through all of the benefits of foam rolling and self-myofascial release. When Jack’s not in the gym or writing, you can find him running, surfing, cooking, picking guitar on the patio, sipping coffee on the beach, and contributing his fitness acumen to Bacon Chronicle. You can read more from Jack on his website.

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