Author: Jarell Lindsey

Jarell Lindsey is an avid physical culturist. He focuses on fitness, diet, mental health, interviews with fitness experts, and motivational posts. Jarell also networks with physical culturists across the globe, exchanging content through his Physical Culture Club. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Kinesiology in Exercise Science, and he hopes to motivate more youth and young adults to pursue physical fitness as a lifestyle. Jarell Lindsey grew up in a household surrounded by illness. Born premature with asthma and heart edema, he had a weak constitution from the start. Yet, with both his father and mother restricted to wheelchairs from a stroke and MS respectively, Jarell knew the true value of fitness from a young age. He studied various methods of exercise to maintain his own health and fitness, and try to help others. It was during these studies that Jarell learned about historical strongmen and martial artists and their own training methods for incredible strength. From his study and training, Jarell not only eliminated all symptoms of asthma, but developed a true passion for physical culture. He trains with high-intensity isometric exercises, interval cardio, bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, and more. He practices qi gong breathing and stance work each morning to boost vitality, and does sports like wrestling and basketball in his free time. He shares each of his own training and eating methods with others to help improve widespread strength and health. Ultimately, he encourages a physical culture revolution to overcome the modern health crisis.

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