Author: Jason Burtchell

Jason Burtchell is a physical therapist with fifteen years of experience, and he practices in a hospital-based outpatient clinic in central Maine. He is a certified MDT practitioner. MDT is also known as the McKenzie method, and it utilizes a mechanical assessment of pain and symptom behavior to determine treatment. There is a heavy focus on the patient generating forces and being an active participant in his or her care, so as to reduce dependence on the clinician. Jason has been training in CrossFit for four years and coaching for the last year as a CrossFit Level I trainer. He finds that teaching people how to move well is important in both the clinical setting to help recover from injury and to prevent reinjury and focus on technique in the CrossFit setting. He is passionate about injury prevention and recovery, living healthy and promoting an active lifestyle. He has been fortunate to be in a position to help develop programs specializing in spine care, and to increase activity and exercise in the senior and oncology populations. Jason spends the rest of his hours with his beautiful wife and their two children, all of whom are known to partake in exercise sessions with manic enthusiasm (at least for the first round).

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