Author: Jennifer Higgins

Jennifer Higgins is an owner of CrossFit Works in Tucson, Arizona and the Director of Barebones Barbell Club of Tucson. She has been coaching CrossFit for nearly five years. Her introduction to CrossFit came about through her work with traditional diets and evolutionary movement patterns. Exploring the role of CrossFit for regular folks versus athletes has been a foundation of her coaching growth. She is extremely pleased to be a part of a gym that offers two types of programs: a CrossFit program geared towards athletes and a CrossFit program geared toward people who want to improve their health and quality of life. Both programs are constantly varied, performed at high intensity, comprised of functional movements, contain weight lifting movements, gymnastics movements and all the other hallmarks of a solid CrossFit program. At this time she is focusing on competing as a drug-free powerlifter and recently won Best Master Lifter for the IPL World Powerlifting Federation.

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