Author: Jesse Fernandez

As a trainer and lifter himself, Jesse loves to teach the craft of strength training and easy fitness to students, weekend warriors, and enthusiasts. He is also the founder of The Headlock, a website dedicated to facilitating simple weekly workout tips, ideas, and reinforcements, along with nutritional and spiritual advice. The site feeds thousands of hungry lifters monthly and embodies a simplistic approach to teaching strength training and health. Jesse's workout regimen revolves around Olympic lifts and the Starting Strength method created by Mark Rippetoe. He has a true passion for biomechanics and practical programming for every exercise. In addition to training, he's also an avid follower of integrative medicine. He is pursuing his studies in Eastern medicine as well as therapies such as yoga, herbal remedies, meditation, and other strategies. Jesse is constantly keeping an open mind to all new health and fitness ideas by reading new literature and keeping up with mainstream mentors.

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