Author: Jil Kerkman

Jil Kerkman has a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from Illinois State University and is a certified personal trainer through ACE fitness. Running track competitively from sixth grade through college has given Jil a lifelong passion for health and fitness. This cheese-loving Wisconsin native is currently living in San Antonio, TX working as a fitness specialist at a major corporation. She enjoys documentaries, country music, coffee, football, and can often be found zipping around a track somewhere. She recently married her college sweetheart at Lambeau Field, Home of the Green Bay Packers. Though she is athletic, Jil is also a bookworm my nature and falls to the shy side. Always the listening ear, she is understanding, respectful, and encouraging to her clients and to anyone around her.

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What the Fartlek?!

To many the term “fartlek” is unfamiliar, if not downright embarrassing. While it may sound like joke fodder for fifth graders, this type of workout

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