Author: Kelly Plowe

Kelly is a registered dietitian who works for a prominent fitness and nutrition company in Santa Monica. She is currently working on her credentials to become a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. Originally from Michigan, she received bachelor degrees from Michigan State University in both Dietetics and Kinesiology. After completing her undergraduate studies, Kelly worked in Boston for five years as a clinical dietitian at inner-city hospitals while also pursuing her master’s degree in Advertising and Communications from Boston University. Eating clean, minimally processed foods, and with a long history as an endurance athlete in both swimming and running, Kelly practices what she preaches. “I may have not been blessed with skinny-chick genes, but I’ve found that putting the right foods in my gob and being active goes a long way to override what was God-given.” She has also been CrossFitting for the last two years and recently took up Indo-Row.

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