Author: Krista Stryker

Krista Stryker is an NSCA certified personal trainer and creator of the popular blog and app, 12 Minute Athlete. When she used to work as a personal trainer at a popular gym franchise in New York City, Krista would work out for hours a day, diligently doing her cardio, weight training, and sports-specific training every day until she was over trained, injured, and had little time in her day to do anything else. Even though she was spending so much time working out, it felt like it was never enough. That’s when Krista discovered HIIT training and everything she knew about fitness and exercise was turned upside down. Not only did she get leaner and fitter than ever before, her strength and confidence levels skyrocketed. Before long, she was able to do feats of exercise she never before thought possible, such as pull ups, handstands, and 100 burpees in six minutes flat – and still have the time and energy for a hike, bike ride, or long walk later in the day. Krista has been featured on MindBodyGreen, CreativeLive, Self Magazine, KTLA-TV, and many influential blogs. Her apps have been downloaded by over 130,000 users worldwide. Follow Krista on her blog to get motivated and discover your inner athlete.

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