Author: Kyle Williams

Kyle Williams is an Australian adventurer, fitness and nutrition coach, and motivational writer. A former Army medic and physical trainer, Kyle has twenty years of experience in the fitness industry as an athlete, coach, and adventure leader. A record-setting adventurer, Kyle was the first person to climb Australia’s 26 2,000-meter (6,500-foot) mountains nonstop (The A2k) and the first person to run an 82-kilometer ultra marathon across the Australian Alps while climbing its 21 highest mountains (The A21 Ultra). As a coach and writer, Kyle is well known for his results-based training approach. His articles have been widely published in many Australian magazines including Ultra-fitness Australia, Triathlon & Multi-Sports Magazine, Run For Your Life, and Trail Run Mag. His novel training methods have been successfully adopted by athletes, military and emergency services operators, and weekend warriors. You can read more about Kyle’s adventures, training programs, and motivational musings at his website, Kyle Williams, and on his Facebook page.

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