Author: Lacy Shannon

Lacy Shannon, of Washington D.C., is a CrossFitter by morning and a professional number cruncher by day. She never envisioned she would trade her running shoes and the sidewalks of D.C. in for a pair of Converse and a membership at a nearby box to get her sweat on, but she did just this in late 2011 and hasn’t looked back. Similarly, she would have never guessed her career would land her in the world of spreadsheets and budgets and, moreover, that she would enjoy it. Passionate about personal health and wellness for all populations, clean houses for everyone (even though she can be quite a slob herself), and really, really dark chocolate, you can likely find Lacy reading about how to improve her own health, become more organized, or even searching for another study to validate her belief that chocolate consumption is healthy. Lacy plans to continue to enjoy CrossFit well into 2013, even though she no longer needs it to help her get over that boy from the breakup, and despite the fact it will likely not help her finally beat her dad at basketball, but simply because it makes life better.

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