Author: Lars Bredahl

Lars became interested in fitness at an early age. Growing up with three older brothers who always wanted to play sports and challenge each other, he developed a strong desire to be athletic and fit. From hockey arenas to soccer fields, he learned a wide variety of sports and skills. It was a great way to burn off that extra energy that young boys always seem to have. Since 2005, Lars has been a full-time firefighter and has been involved in various aspects of the fire department, ranging from the Firefighter Combat Challenge Team to the Wellness and Fitness Committee as a trainer to his co-workers. This has been a great outlet to Lars physically, but also a great way to share his knowledge and experience about fitness with other firefighters. Lars has a strong desire to learn, teach, and develop people as athletes for whatever their goals may be. In particular, he has helped firefighters develop the strength, power, speed, and stamina needed for the combat challenge team. He has also helped prepare young firefighters for the rigorous demands of the physical test required to be hired on full time. His goal is to create well-balanced firefighters who can not only meet the demands of the job, but also excel at them. Lars believes that everyone’s work capacity should be well above the demands of their job, so there is little risk of injury. His vision is to have strong healthy firefighters experience long and safe careers, thanks in part to their strong mind, body, and spirit. Lars has been involved with personal training, coaching, and programming for many years and has a lot of experience with a wide variety of individuals. Lars was a three-time CrossFit Regionals competitor, placing fourteenth in the Canada East region in 2011. He is a coach at Elite Training Programs, where he provides remote coaching services to clients around the world.

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