Author: Laura Meredith

When Laura started college, she began to fall into bad habits of constantly refilling her Coke at the soda machines and eating the corn dogs, macaroni, and ramen that seem to be the staples of a college diet. The combination of bad eating habits and little to no exercise led her to an overweight, but more importantly, unhealthy existence. Then, her brother introduced her to CrossFit and the paleo diet. Shortley thereafter, she and a friend decided to go to the Nutrition Certification seminar held by Robb Wolf and she hasn't looked at food the same way since. She feels better than she ever has – paleo just made sense! Determined to share her discoveries, about three years ago Laura started a blog with nutrition tips, recipes (from around the interwebs and sometimes her brain), and ideas that she found helpful for daily paleo living. Check out her blog at Paleo Blocks.

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