Author: Lester Ho

Lester Ho looks at the weightlifting movements with a slightly different perspective. He brings a modern understanding to the traditionalist views and methods of a sport with a long history. With his interest starting in strength and conditioning, his inquisitive nature to how the strength game is played has led him to starting his current blog, The Training Geek. There he started with the focus on understanding the whys behind the strength and conditioning concepts and principles through the various research provided and bringing that across to his readers in a simplified manner. Following that, Lester focused his interest in weightlifting when he began his research journey observing technique through the biomechanics of the snatch. With his research background and expertise, Lester followed the same approach in his blog and began providing a simplistic view on the biomechanical concepts surrounding the weightlifting movements and brings that across not only in his writing but the seminars and workshops he runs under the Training Geek. Lester is still heavily involved in strength and conditioning as much as weightlifting and shares his knowledge and passion for the sport with athletes of different levels and sporting background at his own establishment, South East Strength, located in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

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