Author: Lucy Smith

Lucy Smith is a professional athlete, coach, and writer. She is a nineteen-time Canadian Champion, two-time World Championship Silver Medalist, and was internationally ranked in triathlon, duathlon, and distance running. She is a versatile competitor having achieved success over a range of events from 5000m on the track to the Ironman distance in triathlon. As an athlete she has honed her training expertise through 25 years of training and racing, and is passionate about the role of excellence in sport. Through her dedication to quality, personal best, and life-fulfillment, Lucy continues to compete and find joy twenty five years into her commitment to racing at the international level. This involved experience in sport has allowed her to gain valuable insight into what sustains and motivates personal excellence. As a coach, she uses this background of personal experience and theory to coach and support all levels of triathletes and runners. For more information on customized coaching, go to Life Sport Coaching.

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