Author: Maggie Morehart

Maggie's passion for fitness began with a love of the outdoors. She enjoys everything from running, biking, and hiking to line dance and yoga. After graduating from the University of Findlay in 2012 (Go Oilers!), she began a career with Planet Fitness and completed her ACE personal trainer certification. She now teaches small group sessions and directs local 5K races and other fitness-related events. Maggie is also a group leader for the nonprofit organization Outdoor Mindset, which encourages people affected by neurological challenges to get active outdoors. She is currently completing her ACSM Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist certification and spends her free time learning about neuroscience and the effects of exercise on the brain. Maggie's mission is to make fitness fun and exciting while promoting brain health through exercise. You can read more of Maggie’s story on the Outdoor Mindset blog.

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