Author: Maria Gordon

Born and raised in Minnesota, Maria’s love of health and wellness was discovered when she moved to Colorado in 2000. That fall, she became a certified personal trainer. In 2003, Maria graduated from Colorado Christian University with a BS in Exercise and Sports Science. For the next five years, she spent her professional life in recreation, focusing on wellness and fitness programs and personal training. In 2009, Maria became a registered dietitian. As an RD, she chose to work in private practice as she came to realize she could make a larger impact on human nutrition in the community than any other setting. Out of that vision, Plant 2 Plate Nutrition was launched. Plant 2 Plate Nutrition provides individually designed exercise programs, presentations to groups on various aspects of nutrition and wellness, and nutritional counseling specializing in sports nutrition and weight management. Maria lives with her husband, Zane, and baby girl, Avery, in Littleton, Colorado.

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