Author: Maurizio Guarrata

Born in Monza, Italy, Maurizio began the sport of judo at the age of seven, and went on to become a national athlete for the National Judo Federation. He competed as an athlete until he was 25 years old, and then he started his coaching career in judo. Maurizio has been teaching children, athletes, and amateurs ever since. He earned the title of Master Instructor and finally IV Dan in 2000. He has also been working with several fitness centers in Milan as a personal trainer and fitness manager. In 2005 Maurizio discovered and fell in love with CrossFit. He has since obtained as many CrossFit certifications as possible. He is also the Athletic Coach of the National Ice Skating Team, where he uses CrossFit as method of training. He is the first Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) certified instructor in Italy. In 2012 he also attended and successfully completed the SEALFIT/Unbeatable Mind Academy in Encinitas, California. In 2012 he opened his own gym, CrossFit The Shelter in Italy.

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