Author: Mo Saleem

Mo Saleem is an independent men's health researcher and founder of Triple Your T, a website specialized in providing evidence-based advice for optimal hormonal health. As an avid student of self-development and improvement, his mission is to empower men with the knowledge to narrow the gap between who they are and who they're capable of being. Falling victim to the comforts of modern society, Mo found himself in a slump back in 2015. Going through the motions of unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, and too much TV left him feeling depressed, lethargic, overweight, and demotivated. Things took an apparent turn for the worse when he was diagnosed with hypogonadism (low testosterone) at the tender age of 24. Doctors prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), but he was committed to overcome his condition without relying on medication. Many late nights were spent reading journals, magazines, and articles. The days were spent putting theory into practice. After much experimentation, he was able to increase his testosterone levels above the normal range for males, 100% naturally. Doing so drastically altered the trajectory of his life moving forward, for the better. Mo believes that every man, regardless of age, can enhance his testosterone levels and quality of life by making simple changes in diet and lifestyle.

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