Author: Nardia Norman

Nardia is a multi-passionateeducator, transformer of lives (of the human kind, not the robot kind), and creator of Freedomology. She helpswomen to become their own guru, feeing them from commonmisconceptions that keep them stuck in anunhealthy way of thinking andbeing. A self-confessed training and nutrition nerd, Nardia is dedicated to helping people realise their potential through good nutrition, smart training, and increased wellbeing. For two decadesNardiahas been an industry influencer and plays an integral role in the development and education offitness professionals and women worldwide. As a highly regarded speaker, author, and mentor she is often consulted for her expertise and has worked with leading training institutions, commercial brands, and magazines. In 2014 Nardia was awarded Australian Personal Trainer of the Year. Nardia is on a mission to make health and fitness simple and accessible to anybody. Thismissionis twofold:The first part of the mission is toempower everyday women to understand and love their body so they can enhance their Body IQ, and the second is to educateconscious fitness professionals to adopt and spread this philosophy.

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