Author: Nate Palmer

After graduating high school at 6'4" and 155lbs, Nate became obsessed with physical culture and the science of muscle and strength. He has always considered his less-than-optimal genetics his greatest gift becuase they forced him to read, learn, and eventually figure out what it takes to gain muscle. But along with that learning process came injuries. Lots of them. So, Nate then started spending his time talking to physical therapist, chiropractors, massage therapists, and rehab experts before getting his Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification in order to help his clients avoid the issues he went through while chasing fitness. Now Nate spends his time coaching clients online and writing on his blog, N8 Training Systems. His passion is dispelling the myths and confusion surrounding health and fitness, through science, sarcasm, and badly photo-shopped pictures. Nate has an old-school strength-first philosophy that he applies to himself and his clients, and he believes that getting stronger mentally and physically will cause a trickle-down effect into the rest of your life that will provide unbelievable benefits. Nate is a husband, coach, writer, self-proclaimed bio-hacker, and adventurer, and he just left his dream job to move to Panama. He lives the phrase, "Actions, not words."

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