Author: Rami Abramov

We are Rami and Vicky from, a leading ketogenic diet (low carb diet) website, that provides information about the diet and hundreds of delicious low carb recipes to help with weight loss and health management. We’re dedicated to improving our audience's health and outlook on life through diet and nutrition education. Our long-term mission is to help change the detrimental nutritional guidelines in the United States and across the globe. To help people new to the diet, we created one of the most comprehensive guides to the ketogenic diet for beginners. It provides detailed information on how the low carb diet works, the benefits of it, and how to get started. We believe that simplicity and satisfaction is the key to success in any diet, that’s why we created a cookbook series called Keto in Five. The series includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Five. Each cookbook includes 30 recipes and each recipe uses just five common ingredients and contains up to 5 grams of net carbohydrates each. Additionally, we calculated the macronutrient and caloric data for each recipe. If you ever have questions about our recipes or the low carb diet in general, we’re always happy to answer them, so feel free to reach out by email or through the comments section.

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