Author: Richard Ham Williams

Richard aka Ham is known as a survivor and a stubborn bastard. Everyone who lifts to get better has to start from a point of weakness and spend years building themselves up to something bigger, something better. Ham has had to do it over and over. Nearing on double figures now for the number of times he has been seriously weak to the point of relearning walking. You see, Ham lost most of his tibia and all of his knee joint to bone cancer at fifteen years old, has had somewhere between five and ten surgeries since then, and has recently undergone a huge renewal of several snapped and rotten, yes, rotten and snapped components. Building up strength from a place of weakness is what he does, over and over. Time is precious to him and he really doesn't look kindly upon people who waste his. If getting stronger and gaining muscle is your goal and your time is limited then Ham is your go-to man. You may not always like what he has to say, but it is worth listening to. Few have succeeded and overcome as many times as he. Where surgeons told him to expect to never be able to play sports again, he has shown grit and regularly rides dirt bikes, plays at a little kickboxing, and loves a good deadlift session. His personal motto is, "Time is precious and short, use it wisely, do the things you love, and don't waste it."

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