Author: Sabina Skala

Sabina Skala hails from Poland and is a certified and highly experienced Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Massage Therapist. Sabina has trained under numerous worlds top coaches including Mark Twight (Gym Jones), Mike Mahler (Aggressive Strength), Martin Rooney (Training For Warriors), Steve Cotter (IKFF), and Gil Stevenson (UKSCA) to name a few. She has presented at national exhibitions and several workshops in the United Kingdom and worldwide that explore the potential of strength training for athletic development, teaching alongside Andy Bolton, Mike Mahler, and Brooks Kubik. Sabina's stable of clients includes athletes from various disciplines ranging from endurance sports like cycling to professional MMA athletes and other top combat sports professionals. Sabina has also successfully trained top male models, military personnel, rugby players, climbers, and dancers. She has contributed to publications such as Men's Fitness and The Guardian, and also appeared as a guest on Super Human Radio. As a former athlete herself (having competed in kayaking for five years) has a great understanding of the demands a professional sport places on a contestant. Sabina is one of the founders of Fighters Development Program, that supports talented upcoming fighters in their training and career development. Sabina works closely together with former Royal Marine Commando Jon Lewis from Balance Physiotherapy Clinic, they are both responsible for the conditioning aspect of the fighter's training, ensuring they have all physical aspects and resilience of a top combat athlete, stay injury free and/or are provided with physiotherapy assistance if needed. She is currently based in London, UK. Click here to get started on your four weeks of free MMA-oriented workouts. To learn more about the philosophy behind these workouts, read Sabina's article, How to Train Strength and Conditioning for MMA.

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