Author: Sarah Anne Stewart

Sarah Anne Stewart brings her down-to-earth wellness wisdom all the way from the Midwest.When her father cured cancer with alternative medicine, the experience sparked a light inside her that never was put out. Twelve years and hundreds of hours of training later, Sarah is now based in New York City, where she founded Introducing Wellness LLC and co-founded Bliss Out Retreats. As a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP), she coaches clients to let go of their inhibitions and dig deep – really deep. Equal parts fun and get-down-to-business, her coaching is focused on developing a unique mindset that embodies a lifestyle entirely focused on wellness. Sarah is best known for creating an exhilarating atmosphere where she guides her clients on their own inspirational journeys towards self-empowerment. Her contagious smile and graceful demeanor are central to her one-on-one coaching, events, workshops,speeches,and retreats. Her unparalleled zest for life and free spirit are further exemplified through her love for worldly travels, culinary adventures, and inspirational writing.

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