Author: Tanner Martty

Tanner Martty is a strength, nutrition, and body transformation coach in Santa Monica, California. He works with clients at his gym in Santa Monica or at one of the beautiful outdoor spots the city has to offer. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tanner’s background in fitness is unique, with experience competing in Olympic lifting, collegiate basketball, kettlebell sport, and bodybuilding. Now, his focus is on competing with himself to see how far he can progress his movement skills and apply that knowledge and experience to help his clients move, feel, and look better. Tanner has a passion for challenges and creating systems that best overcome them. This applies to his clients and his own training, nutrition and lifestyle. There are always new goals to chase, but his love is for the journey he creates. You can find out more about his training and nutrition system on his Tanner Martty blog and his Tanner Martty Fitness Facebook page. When Tanner isn’t working or training he’s going on adventures with his daughter, Ryan, and loving every second of the journey.

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