Author: Troy Dodson

Troy Dodson is a neuro-performance specialist focusing on optimizing the performance of elite-level athletes using neurological, vision, vestibular, and sensory assessments and training. He has experience working with Olympic, professional, college, and high school athletes. Dodson uses functional lab testing to uncover obstacles to performance and integrates nutritional education with neurological activation exercises to provide comprehensive solutions to barriers commonly driven by the neuroendocrine system. He holds certifications with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, USA Weightlifting, and CrossFit. He is also a practitioner of Z-Health, a neurology-based movement system that enhances athletic performance, injury prevention, and pain relief. By applying the science of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, functional nutrition, and neurology, he develops customized programs aimed at improving visual processing speed, reaction time, athletic movement, function, and performance. Dodson provides remote coaching to competitive and tactical athletes through his companies Brain Based Fitness Rx and NeuroShooter.

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