You might have heard doing fasted cardio can accelerate fat loss, but the real trick might not be as sexy as that.
The process of individualizing your training based on biofeedback leads to much better outcomes and more consistent progress.
Two criteria determine whether or not you reach your goal - your training program and how you manage that program.
If every trainer read Kenneth Jay's book, we would all be better equipped to help people improve their VO2 max and actually get fit.
Something to note here is the definition of fitness for most textbooks - VO2 max. Lifting heavy weights quickly doesn’t improve it.
Running on a treadmill before lifting weights correlated with a higher response from anabolic hormones.
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Doing lots of cardio, but still running out of gas in BJJ? Consider that running on the treadmill and having some big scary guy try to choke you are nothing alike
Steady state cardio gets a bad rap sometimes. Recently science put this common conception to the test.
I’m in no place to tell you what to do with your time. But I am in a place of telling you which exercises will help you get the results you want.
There is some truth to steady state cardio for fat loss. However, it’s not quite that simple.
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VO2 may be largely genetic, but it can be influenced by training - by as much 15%. That would take me from a 57 to an incredible 65.5 and potentially drop more than twenty minutes off my marathon.
It's a classic gym question: "Should I do cardio or weight lifting first?" A new study weighs in on the topic.