Kettlebells aren't just a superior tool for conditioning; they can also build serious size and strength.
There has been much back-and-forth debate on whether the setup for deadlift and clean are different. The truth is, they are.
The first pull in the snatch or clean tends to either be slow or fast, so it is all about the transition when it comes to lifting heavy weight.
There are a few key positions to consider when moving the bar from the clean to a powerful jerk.
Olympic weightlifting is as popular as ever, and there are some common mistakes in the clean that need to corrected to stay safe.
Here's how we get a new athlete to approach the bar and simply set his or her back correctly without much thought.
Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted a higher vertical jump. Here are the two things that make a difference.
Teach your clients how to clean competently using this detailed, by-the-numbers system.
Is the consistency of the "get set" method better? Or the risk and reward of the "dive" method?
James Tatum only started weightlifting in 2011. Here he performs a tough weightlifting complex at over double bodyweight.
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The power clean from blocks below the knee helps to improve the speed of the barbell, and the power of the athlete.
This is about one of the tricks of the trade used by elite lifters that might be of use to those of you cleaning substantial weight in the squat style. This technique is called "catching the bounce."
The clean pull helps improve the strength and power in the muscles involved in pulling the barbell off the floor during the clean.
The final video in our series on the clean pull works on improving acceleration and technique during the extension portion of the clean.
This week's video uses blocks to work on the first part of the clean. You will execute this drill just like a regular clean, without getting under the bar.
This week begins a series of four videos to help with the clean pull. This week's drill builds strength during the initial part of the clean, using blocks to assist the pull.