clean and jerk

Heavy on the power movements and a relatively long program for today.
Squeeze one more day in before the 4th of July celebrations.
Focus on maintaining form throughout all combinations and not the weight.
It's rare to do overhead squats in traditional weightlifting training, but they make an appearance here.
Sticking to basics today with full lifts.
The second day of the week and you can power your way through.
Amphibian movements round off the day. You can learn physical skills from all sources.
Last day of the week for training and you can do what you need to because there's two days of rest ahead of you.
The end of workout routine today adds some new ways to activate those lifting muscles and get more explosive.
Nothing more straightforward than today's workout. Snatch, clean, and jerk.
Congratulations on making it to the halfway point in this challenge.
It's the last lifting section of the week so it's a quick in and out of the gym after a the volume you've just done.
The first time we're seeing the dead stop back squat in today's workout.
It's rare that you see a pull up in a weightlifting set but it's here today.
Stick with the rep scheme so you have enough in the tank for the whole workout.