clean and jerk

Good high volume day to get you going at the beginning of your training week.
When it comes to the last training day of the week, you get to see how well you lift. Just pure lifting.
High pulls and extensions get extra play today.
You know it's a big day when you finish with some long back squat sets.
It's a power day with some nice behind the neck presses to finish it off.
First day of the week and you're keeping it simple.
Working off the blocks today to improve timing and speed under the bar.
It's a leg burner day just in case you were wondering.
Surprise, surprise, throw in some ab work today.
You've had a nice break. Now it is time to get back into a new cycle of lifting and, hopefully, some personal gains.
Romanian deadlifts add to some fancy leg work to finish off the week.
It's a rare occasion when the OHS makes its way into the programming.
After yesterday's heavy workout, you switch to some power moves for today.
Make like a frog today and jump.
You had a good max day so, today we can take a little break and try some remedial work.
It's singles to max day. You know you've been waiting for it.