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A reader has asked me an insightful question on positions that could help lifters who focus on the powerlifts. Here is my reply and reasoning.
The best style of yoga for one person isn't the best for everyone. Willow offers advice on choosing a style of yoga that offers physical and mental challenges for your specific personality.
This week we talk through camel pose and how learning to build this pose up slowly can make your breathing more effective throughout the day. And therefore possibly you'll be more effective, too!
I need help with my feet when I run. I am wearing minimalist shoes, but my knees still ache. What does it mean to have active feet? What else can I do to strengthen and heal my feet and knees?
Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but is it just a trend in the Western world? And does it matter if it's a trend - maybe it's still worth exploring and practicing? Willow weighs in.
I am working on my yoga breathing - when should I use alternate nostril breathing and when should I use Surya Bhedana? Are there particular benefits to these types of breathing?
I'm a 17-year-old who just joined a CrossFit gym. Everyone is older than me and I'm having a hard time getting into the community. Can you give me advice on fitting in?
I am wondering how to get over the fear of doing handstands in yoga. I'm feeling my "inability" to do a handstand is not a physical limitation, but rather, it is only a fear that holds me back.
I have always been plagued by extremely tight hamstrings. I can barely bring my leg perpendicular with the floor under my own power. What can I do to improve this? Can you help me?
How the f@#k do I get into my tight hips? I go to yoga consistently and I don’t feel like they stay released for long periods of time. They go back to being tight right away, what do I do?
Dear Willow, I struggle in Warrior One. What is the deal with heel-to-heel alignment? Why can’t I get my hips square and my ankle to stop hurting in Warrior One?
This week a reader asks if Crow pose is safe for the arms. Has anyone ever broken their arms while practicing Crow?
I've often heard that tough pain/emotion/stress/hard experiences are held in the hips. Can you further elaborate on the hip situation? How does this happen? Why is it the hips?
Whether it's yoga, CrossFit, or the RKC, sometimes friends and family see your health practice more like a "cult." Willow helps one of our readers navigate how to handle this situation.
The lower core muscles attach at the pelvis and pubic bone. Touch them. If you want to be able to control and strengthen these muscles you first need to build your awareness of them.
I’ve been an athlete for years and have problems gaining strength in my right leg. What poses or exercises would you recommend to strengthen and balance between the two sides?
Whether it be a career choice or something like choosing a new gym, there are pressures in our lives that can keep us from following our true desires. Willow offers tips on navigating these waters.