There are simple, concrete steps that must be taken if we are to reclaim our society from the jaws of predatory industries.
The sooner you accept that and take responsibility for your own health and fitness, the sooner you'll get lasting results.
Our horrendous dietary practices may not be all our fault, but they are our problem to fix.
Creating addiction is an especially profitable business model, and business is booming in every segment of our society.
The fact is that men simply aren’t keeping pace with women when it comes to health and longevity.
Since 1970, we’ve seen obesity triple in youth ages 6-19.
If our kids are in poor health now, how bad will it be for them later in life?
Individual efforts are doomed to fail in the face of social pressures to become less healthy.
I’m all about habits to drive positive momentum, so why not designate that last 30-60 minutes of your evening to some great books.
If you want to raise a child who does not fall victim to our society's disconnect between health and fulfillment, you will have to do things differently.
A qualitative approach to a physical education system will rewire our selfish, shortsighted cultural patterns.
Physical literacy will cure what ails our society, and it must be taught in schools like every other core competency.
DVRT education delivers value by focusing on a clear and sensible system, not just exercises.
Inspired human development is sustained by the intentional creation and nurturing of actionable values.
If perception is reality, we would all do well to intentionally sculpt our perception for success.
There's a difference between reciting facts about food, and knowing how to eat.
Knowing a bit about a lot is the key to being an effective trainer.