Power is a state of mind.
Focusing on the small steps that need to be taken on a consistent basis is the key to success.
Work towards a steady flow in every workout and you’ll reach the goals you’re aiming for.
In the grand scheme of things consistency always wins over perfection.
Imagine what sort of training, if any, takes place with low self-worth, self-defeating thoughts, and fear? Imagine recovery without either.
We fall victim to procrastination, multitasking, feeling victimized when we can change the way we do things if we just stay focused.
Drop the fantasy, and develop a mindset cooperates with reality and the basic truths that allow you to move toward mastery and achievement of your goals.
A more methodical approach to our training will give us a chance to process what’s going on and get more out of every rep.
Attack the mind and the body will follow.
There is more to your time on the mat than going through a few stretching poses.
Research indicates having too much choice has negative consequences that may interfere with your training.
You don't have to go join your local box to take home some of the positive trends from CrossFit.
Studies show the average college student eats fewer fruits and veggies, lots of processed/artificial food, and are prone to eating disorders...among the most malnourished people in the U.S.
This book is for anyone seeking to pursue less to achieve more.
Cold cynicism is probably the best attitude to take when considering another certification.
Being aware of your breath can inform every other aspect of your life.
To have more in the bank, you may need to get you head out of your business.