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hill sprints

Hill running teaches the drive phase of a sprint like nothing else can.
A smart approach to sprint training can help you add power without risking injury or loss of strength.
Cycling is a great activity for recreation and sport, but it does have its drawbacks. Cross-training can help restore balance.
Changing up your run training with stairs and hills helps improve agility skills, speed, muscle endurance, and so much more.
Fluid Flexibility - Go Deeper. Master Your Body.
Running hills is often recommended for endurance athletes, but a new study suggests it might not be the best way to become a better runner.
We all understand the benefits of interval training at this point, and I prefer to do intervals on hills due to the reduction in compressive forces. Here's 2 examples of incline/hill workouts.
Sprinting is a great way to increase agility as long as you do it safely. Here are ten articles to guide you in your sprint training.