Who is better equipped to prepare you for your pro day than the coach who got you ready to turn pro in the first place?
We think you'd be hard pressed to find athletes this powerful and athletic in many other sports.
New research confirmed the NFL-225 test is a reliable indicator of strength and endurance in football players.
Being big is not necessarily unhealthy. But studies of retired NFL linemen have found they are 52% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than comparable members of the general public.
Researchers took a look at results from the famed NFL combine. They examined trends in test results, and the changes in players performances were surprising.
The Last Headbangers has something for everyone: the most avid fan, the cultural historian, and even the disinterested family member. An honest and enlightening look at the heart of football.
The NFL's 225 pound bench press test is notorious and challenging. Researchers now believe, using an equation, that it is also an accurate predictor of bench press 1RM. Try it out yourself and see.
Football season in the U.S. has officially begun and with it comes some of the most amazing athleticism and brutal impact in modern sports. Watch this tackles highilght video for proof.