Kids won’t grow up to have healthy phone boundaries, relationships, or nutritional habits if their parents don’t provide that model.
The modern health epidemic is a product of the norms and distorted expectations created in people’s earliest years.
You can't control natural talent, but only attitude and effort.
If you had to choose one thing you could do to enhance your work, relationships, attitude, confidence, and health, it would be exercise.
Our environment and biology are oriented towards choosing pleasure and avoiding pain, but such patterns hurt health, relationships, and our ability to grow.
By consistently facing physical resistance we gain confidence that permeates every other meaningful life endeavor.
Making a healthy family breakfast doesn't have to be inconvenient.
Modern norms have created devastating global health picture and all signs point to this trend worsening in our youngest generation.
Too many limit themselves by a self-fulfilling prophecy about the limits of their own willpower.
It's time we had a hard conversation about the biggest hindrance to your child's development: you.
Since 1970, we’ve seen obesity triple in youth ages 6-19.
Being an athlete may not be what you expect it to be, but you'll love what it brings you anyway.
Running with a stroller is humbling and difficult, but it can also help you improve.
Becoming a dad isn't the end of your fitness lifestyle, but it does require a shift in mindset and methods.
While it's not fully clear how the breast milk affects the brain and cognitive growth, what is clear is that it does.
When it comes to nutrition, overcoming excuses is just a matter of mindset.
Your fitness journey doesn't end when you have children.