personal trainer

Tie yourself to the mast against the sirens' call and create a situation that guarantees you do the work that your rational mind wants you to do.
If you're doing all the right things and still struggling, it's time to ask for help.
The sooner you accept that and take responsibility for your own health and fitness, the sooner you'll get lasting results.
It’s okay if your website isn’t perfect, but if you build it, people will begin to find you.
For online programming to be successful it requires doing the work and not second-guessing the program.
Read the evidence, but don’t ignore what works.
The personal training game is changing, and you'd better change with it.
The struggle to attain strength and knowledge as a coach is a gift, not a curse.
Even if you're a high-level trainer or coach to a world-class lifter, you need to know your place.
Being a coach is not sitting through a weekend certification and getting a few letters after your name.
Individualization is the most productive way to organize a team of lifters to achieve their highest potential.
Switch your fundamentals program to one-on-one personal training. Your client retention rate, lifetime value of a client, and revenue will soar.
Bidding online for clients is now a thing - learn the right way to go about it.
Follow this guide to help you tell the difference between a pro and a phony.
Don't be fooled by snazzy marketing. Spend time researching before you choose a trainer.
Your days as a trainer and coach will come to an end eventually, so what will you do next?
You probably already know the answer to that question, but it's nice to be affirmed every now and then.