You can get athletes optimally faster, better conditioned, and even tougher in the same program if you understand a few simple principles.
This article will discuss kinesiological EMG only as its function relates to training regimes, voluntary neuromuscular activation, and functional movements.
Zelus has produced a comfortable and solid 12 lb weighted vest for beginners.
A small power investment pays huge dividends for you in and out of the gym.
While it's contrary to a lot of popular fitness culture, the gym isn't the only place where you can lose weight, build muscle, and improve your performance.
You deserve the chance to dominate work, rest, and play every day, in every way.
Most of us don’t spend all that much time training to be more explosive and powerful, and we really should.
Strength training and conditioning for athletes is not the same as that for the average Joe. They're in a class of their own.
When you're new to exercise it can be hard to know where to start. Strength is the best foundation.
Olympic-style weightlifting movements are among the most explosive movements you can perform in the weight room, as explosive as a vertical jump.
While strength is definitely important and should be part of any runner’s off-season programming, so is the ability to develop power.
If life inside the big box gym is getting stale, try taking your workouts outside.
Tradition and ignorance are poor excuses for sabotaging our kids' athletic development.
You might not want to be a sprinter, but you definitely want a sprinter's legs.
Among all the ingredients for performance, nothing sharpens the blade like adding velocity and acceleration.
You can't get the most out of your program if your body isn't ready for each phase of the workout.
Managing intensity and fatigue is the key to a well-rounded program.