resistance training

There is a growing body of research on sleep extension and the potential implications on athletic performance.
Fish oil supplements have many proven health benefits, so scientists are researching to ascertain if fish oil can aid in muscle soreness and recovery.
Is protein intake or protein distribution a more significant determining factor in developing new muscle mass?
The medicine ball power clean to squat is the best substitute for anyone who can’t or won’t do barbell deadlifts or squats.
Think of these commandments as a guide to best navigate the world of health and fitness through the information overload on the web and mainstream media.
Here is why resistance training increases athletic performance while reducing relative risk for an injury.
You mustn't get stuck in a dogmatic routine following an arbitrary rep count simply because that's what you've always thought was best.
Remind yourself that the lockdown is an opportunity to take time to rest, heal some nagging injuries, and pause and reflect on your training goals.
The guidelines to follow to optimize performance by structuring workouts and nutrition for the best results.
Thankfully, there is a method to the proverbial madness of training.
This strength program is not complicated, but it is effective because of all the high-quality practice you accumulate over the four weeks.
You deserve the chance to dominate work, rest, and play every day, in every way.
When designing resistance training programs, we can't ignore physics. Here are 3 laws of training that will simplify your programming and help you become more successful (i.e. stronger).
The addition of a band anchored behind you allows you to keep tension on the muscle throughout the entire range.
By using double barrel rolls, you can stimulate a muscle across every inch of every rep.
A study by the University of Jyväskylä suggests that exercise motivation is improved in people who take up resistance training.
Research shows that many lifters simply aren't selecting high enough loads to make progress.