Gaining strength in super simple ways doesn’t make you weak—it makes you smart.
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Being a professional performing strongman, aches and pains are part of life. Fortunately, there is a product that can help bring pain relief to a hurting body.
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With the growing mentality that “strong is sexy,” more women are venturing to the weight room.
Braced bending takes strong hands, a strong body, and tolerance of pain. Master it, and you’ll be able to perform a feat of strength few can match.
Lifting weights is cool, but turning nails into a heap of useless metal at your feet is badass.
Ripping a deck of cards in two may seem like an impossible feat - but with practice, the skill will become yours.
Just like with any other exercise, start small, focus on technique, and build over time from there.
Feats of strength can benefit and compliment your regular workout and do more for your tendons, ligaments, and joints than you realize.
A recent study weighs the differences and benefits of Strongman training and traditional resistance training.