Turkish get up

If attempting to complicate training protocols too quickly, an athlete can be placed in a dangerous and potentially harmful situation.
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This is a great option for those busy days when you can barely squeeze in any training.
If you have to blast through a movement to get from point A to point B, you don't own the positions required to do it with control.
The waiter’s walk might be one of your best tools to build shoulder stability and strength.
If you already have the pieces in place, try this variation on the Turkish get up.
Understanding the TGU is the first step to not hating them.
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I've been training for the Iron Maiden Challenge. As a very small person, in order to achieve this goal I had to learn how to lift heavy on a regular basis without overtraining.
Strength training is a monotonous activity most of the time. Sometimes you just get tired of the exercises you’ve been doing.
Here's a list of reasons why you should be doing the get up, broken down by section - as in, the various sections of the movement itself. And no, it's not just simply standing up with a bell.
When it comes to kettlebells, the snatch is often the first lift that many people want to learn. But let’s start at the start and figure out what the snatch is, and how best to build it.
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The Turkish Get Up is like a great party trick - it's fun for others to watch and really rewarding to do yourself. The best part is, it really does get you strong, too! Learn the basics here.