2 Kettlebell Exercises to Create Incredible Trunk Power

Walter J. Dorey


Outdoor Fitness, Strength and Conditioning


How to Program These Exercises Into Your Routine

These are great exercises that almost nobody performs. They will toughen you up. For two weeks, perform a couple of sets after your normal routine. I would suggest doing a few sets every day for five or six days of the week for two weeks. Just play with them and practice the technique. After those two weeks of almost daily practice, take two to three days off. Following that, spend the next four to six weeks on building up your sets/reps and working into heavier KBs two to three days per week.


"Sometimes you’ve just got to deal with discomfort. There is no peaking for life."

Focus on cranking that KB up and stopping the KB with the opposite hand. Brace for the load. Keep tight and don’t get sloppy. If my voice seemed a little froggy in the videos, it’s because I filmed them at 8,500 feet of elevation while also dealing with some bronchitis from a sinus infection. Sometimes you’ve just got to deal with discomfort. If you train to be ready, that also means you might have to go active while not feeling your best. You can’t always pick the best time to perform. There is no peaking for life. Deal with it. Rock on!



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