Athlete Journal: Charles Staley, Entry 5 – Time for PRs

This week mature athlete and expert coach Charles Staley hit a 9RM PR on deadlift, a 5RM PR on presses, and did some strong weighted chin work, too. Check out his numbers in this week’s journal.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ever wonder how a world-class coach actually trains? Wonder what it’s like to train as a “mature athlete?” Welcome to the athlete journal of Charles Staley. A big believer in practicing what he preaches, Charles trains and competes just like his clients. Now, every Friday you’ll be able to read what Charles has done this week in his workout sessions, and how he feels about it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 4:00 PM

Bodyweight: 211.2 lbs

Strong session over at Wynn Darring’s “Vault.” Hit a nice 9RM PR on deads, a 5RM PR on presses, and strong chins too.


Set 1: 135 lbs x 3

Set 2: 185 lbs x 3

Set 3: 225 lbs x 1

Set 4: 275 lbs x 1

Set 5: 315 lbs x 3

Set 6: 350 lbs x 3

Set 7: 395 lbs x 9 (Video below)

Notes: Really wanted 10 but I’ll save it for next month when I’ll up the load to 400 even.


Set 1: 45 lbs x 5

Set 2: 165 lbs x 5

Set 4: 115 lbs x 1

Set 5: 130 lbs x 5

Set 6: 130 lbs x 5

Set 7: 130 lbs x 5

Notes: The plan called for 127.5 today but didn’t have fractional plates, so I took 130 and rose to the occasion. I’ve never even hit 130×5 before, no less 3×5.


Set 1: 225.2 lbs x 8

Set 2: 225.2 lbs x 6

Set 3: 225.2 lbs x 6

Set 4: 225.2 lbs x 5

Notes: Performed with 14 pounds of chain for additional resistance.

Friday, July 13, 2012

This was a scheduled power snatch/dumbbell bench/TRX Row workout, however I had to travel all day for a seminar at McConnell Athletics in Fairhope, Alabama, so I cancelled it. I considered doing this workout on the 12th, however, the three exercises involved aren’t top priority at the moment, so I opted to skip the session altogether.