Getting Pain Relief From a Bottle

Snake venom sounds ominous enough but can it help your aching joints.

I have some chronic joint issues and so I was eager to try Cobrazol products. My only hesitation was that they contain snake venom. But, having used these products on and off for a few months now, I feel confident about delivering my final verdict.

I have some chronic joint issues and so I was eager to try Cobrazol products. My only hesitation was that they contain snake venom. But, having used these products on and off for a few months now, I feel confident about delivering my final verdict.

Testing Conditions

I used the products primarily on two areas on my right leg: knee and ankle. These areas are chronic problems for me ever since having my leg crushed by a car several years ago. I have a tibial rod as a result, and I’ve had chronic issues with the ankle and knee on that leg ever since.

Generally, it’s a “my knee’s a-achin’, it’s probbly gonna rain” kind of thing. There’s often no predicting, on any given day, whether these areas will or will not give me trouble.

Typical issues include pain, which can be from sharp to dull, swelling, and aching. My foot and calf on this leg is also much more susceptible to pain and cramping than the other.

I tried both Cobrazol products in several different situations.

Sometimes, I used them reactively, the moment I felt a twinge or ache. Other times I used them proactively, immediately following a long hike, for example. Each type of application, cream and roll on, was used separately; I never mixed the two.

The Final Verdict

The good news is, Cobrazol works.

In general, I noticed significantly reduced pain regardless if it was knee or ankle, or whether it was a sharp pain, ache, or anything else.

Typically, the pain began to noticeably decline within 15-20 minutes, and relief plateaued within half an hour.

The pain reduction lasted anywhere from 5-6 hours on shorter durations to 8-10 hours on longer durations.

Swelling was a little more variable. Post-activity swelling (which I often get after a long or fast hike, for example) seemed more resistant to the product.

But my occasional bouts of daily, “routine” swelling seemed to be reduced more effectively.

Again, I used the products on and off over a long period of time, and under various conditions. I noticed no real difference in effectiveness between the roll on and the cream, although the roll-on is a little less messy.

Both products are odorless, and I experienced no skin irritation or other unwanted effects. I always rubbed the product in after applying, regardless if I applied the roll-on or cream.

I also used it once on my low back after a trip-and-fall incident while doing yard work, and the results were consistent with use elsewhere. In this instance, I used the roll-on. I treated my low back with two applications of the product, about 2 hours apart.

I was still experiencing mild discomfort after about two hours, so I tried another application. The second application did not reduce the discomfort further, but seemed extend the effects.

Cobrazol Cream Front Label

A second application did not further decrease my pain, but did extend the relief.

I did not use this product in conjunction with anything else. When using the product, I did not take any other pain relievers and I did not use any heat, ice, braces, sleeve, etc. You may want to research combining Cobrazol products with other pain relief modalities before trying it out.

Product Description

Cobrazol pain relief products contain snake venom. I will admit that this gave me pause; I probably had the product for a week before I actually used it, simply because it contains snake venom.

According to the company, Cobrazol products are infused with venom ingredients from three species – Mojave Rattlesnake, Indian Cobra, and South American Bushmaster. To make the product more effective, Cobrazol also contains herbal extracts.

Cobrazol products are clinically tested and guaranteed by the manufacturer. The products have been in use for some time, and there are ample reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

Cobrazol topical products are available as both a roll-on and a cream. There are other sizes available, but what I tested was the 4oz Extreme Pain Relief Sport Cream and the Roll-On Topical Gel.

There is no exact dosage mentioned. Just simply apply Cobrazol on where you have been experiencing pain. You can use your hands to rub the gel into skin and massage for a much deeper gel penetration.

At a Glance
Product Cobrazol Extreme Pain Sport Cream, 4oz. Cobrazol Roll-On Topical Gel, 1oz.
MSRP $29.99 $12.99
Pros Great for relieving joint aches and pains
Cons Does not treat or prevent any disease
Gurantee 100% Money-Back Gurantee
The Bottom Line Effective, all-natural product for relieving aches and pains



  • Both products are odorless and easy to apply.
  • The roll-on dries more quickly and is less messy to apply.
  • It is non-narcotic and non-drowsy.
  • It can relieve pain and lasts for up to 8 to 10 hours.


  • Does not resolve long-term issues, only treats symptoms. (Note: the manufacturer specifically says that the product is not intended to treat or prevent any disease.)

Areas of use:

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