Gymnastics Workout: Cycle 2, Week 3, Day 4

The second cycle of gymnastics workouts will focus on level, planche, and handstand skills, as well as developing flexibility and joint strength.

The second cycle of gymnastics workouts can be a continuation of the previous cycle or done on its own. This cycle will implement more complex gymnastics skills. These skills will still be strength-based and can always be scaled back with the previous week’s drills.

Many of these skills take years to develop, so don’t expect to be knocking them all out in twelve weeks. But if you have a good strength to weight ratio and are looking for more skill-specific training, this cycle will help you accomplish these skills. For those who are beginning to increase their bodyweight strength, use these skills and drills as a conditioning program. It will increase your all-around strength and body control.

This cycle will be different from the first cycle in that it will have a Skill Strength portion prior to the conditioning. The Skill Strength will be a more complex movement that will build into developing a specific goal.

Those goals will be:

  • Levers
  • Planche
  • Handstand/Press Handstand

The days in between will focus on developing flexibility and joint strength.

Week 3, Day 4

10:00 of work on:
Wrist Support
Ankle Stretch
Bridge Ups

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