Heavy Snatch Session (Athlete Journal 26)

I spent all week preparing for a heavy snatch session on Saturday, and was pleased with the results.

My wrist and elbow were a little better on Monday, but I decided adjust my workout to pulls. The warm up went well, so I headed back to the original strategy to overhead position.


  • Speed snatch: 40kg – 2×6, 50kg – 2×6, 60kg – 2×6
  • Power snatch from the hang: 40kg – 2×6, 50kg – 2×6, 60kg – 2×6
  • Power snatch from the floor: 40kg – 2×6, 50kg – 2×6, 60kg – 2×6
  • Full snatch: 40kg – 2×6, 50kg – 2×6, 60kg – 2×6

It went well, under the circumstances. My wrist was a little more tender than my elbow, but both were manageable.


Tuseday I did nothing except work on getting my elbow and wrist massaged. A lot of lesions and trigger point discomforts, but Curtis seemed to get most of the aggravation under control.


Clean pull and front squats catch position felt okay today. My legs needed a good blast. I did one full clean, plus three front squats. I started with two sets with 50kg, then jumped 20kg to 70kg, and then another 20kg to 90 kg for two sets. I did a single set with 110kg and decided to be brave and make a 10kg jump and do three sets of 1×3 with 120kg. On my last set I took 125kg and finished off with one set of one clean and three front squats. The cleans all felt light off the floor and the squats felt comfortable.


I took today Thurday and spent my time giving my wrist and elbow a little TLC. I was trying to get them ready for Saturday’s heavy snatch session.


Today was long circuit day. 35 seconds on, 25 seconds off for sixty minutes. It was hard but satisfying. My joints always feel like a million bucks after this workout, which is the only reason I do it.


It was time to see how the wrist and elbow would feel, as I was going to do full snatch right from the beginning. I started with the empty bar and spent a great deal of time babying myself to make sure everything would function without extreme agony. I made a huge leap to 30kg, something I never do. Under the circumstances I decided to be very cautious, so I continued with 10kg jumps doing two sets of three or four reps all the way to 90kg. I did four sets at this weight, some better than others in the comfort zone. I finished with snatch pulls, doing 110kg for 2×5 and 125kg for 2×5. Not bad, but my snatch was behind where I was a couple months ago. I think it’s due to not doing enough squat work, so I’m going to have to change that soon.

Terry Hadlow got started in Olympic weightlifting in 1970 and is the only Canadian to have competed in senior nationals in five different decades – 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. Follow Terry’s journal here to learn about his approach to training and competing.